Accounting Software Data Conversions

What does a bookkeeper normally do when a client asks to transfer all the data from their clients’ existing software package to a new package, such as MYOB?

What any good bookkeeper would do, and enter all the data all over again from scratch. Why? Because both MYOB and Quickbooks will tell you that you can only transfer customers, suppliers, and employees lists from MYOB to QuickBooks, and that you’ll have to enter all the day to day entry data manually

Finally!! There’s someone who can transfer your existing accounting software data to the MYOB range of products

The good news is that it is possible to transfer all tha data across. There’s a way to electronically convert your existing accounting system to any of the MYOB range of products.

Do not be told it can’t be done!

Are you looking to convert to one of the MYOB range of software products but have been unable to find a way to convert your existing debtor, creditor and inventory items across without costly manual re-entry? Have you been told it’s not possible? Well, it is!

There’s a team of data conversion specialists with degrees in commerce and computing, and hold memberships in The Australian Society of Certified Practicing Accountants.

Their skills are generally called for in situations where the data to be transferred is extensive, and manual conversion (if possible at all) is either going to be too time- and resource-consuming, or where the chances of entry errors are so high as to be not worth the risk.

DON’T be confined to an outdated system because you think you’ll have to start from scratch – contact us for more information and move your business forward today!

They specialise in the conversion of data to the MYOB range of products. They’ll extract all the static data (including addresses, balances, codes, quantities and more) relating to your debtor, creditor and inventory master files from your existing accounting package.

They will be converted electronically into an MYOB file (usually within 48 hours), ready for you to use with your MYOB product immediately.

Contact us for more information about transferring files from your accounting software package to MYOB

They extract static data from your existing system and convert it to MYOB format using sophisticated algorithms.

They can convert most accounting packages to MYOB format, including:

  • Attaché
  • Nexus
  • Business Manager
  • Arrows
  • Quicken
  • Quickbooks
  • Netbooks
  • Phoenix accounting
  • Most other accounting packages

So Confident are they, that you only pay if you’re 100% Satisfied
They can provide a written quotation to undertake your conversion. However, this will require submitting the files extracted from the existing system which they’ll then examine. This is an extremely inexpensive alternative to transferring data manually and there is no possibility of data entry error.

Simply contact us for details.

No matter how outside-the-square your conversion requirements are, if anyone can deliver your data to your new system, they can!