Balance Your Business With Bookkeeping

For many businesses keeping up with everything day to day is challenging enough, without having the additional burden of book keeping to keep their finances up to date.

75% of new businesses fail within five years. The main reasons among them are:

  • poor debt collection
  • insufficient fund
  • over expansion
  • poor accounting records (lacking quality bookkeeping services)
  • poor cash management (too many drawings or spending the GST collected)

Our bookkeeping services keep you up-to-date with current business information so that these key factors to make business success can be identified early.

Astute businesses have discovered that computerised bookkeeping software and accounting packages allow them not only to meet taxation requirements, but also to see how their business is going at any given point in time.

When it comes to GST and Business Activity Statement; Pay As You Go Tax, accounts receivable and payable, they turn to Yo2go for their bookkeeping!

New clients soon discover we can save them money in accounting and Book keeping fees, since we provide a methodical, efficient service.

You may find cheaper rates elsewhere, you may find bookkeepers that charge higher rates. Ask yourself: “Am I getting value for money?”

Speak to any of our clients and you will soon learn that they are all more than satisfied with the high level of service that we provide.

So good are we, that we may train our clients to the extent that they no longer need us!

Don’t procrastinate,contact us NOW, and let’s organise a time to meet up.

Good bookkeeping services not only fulfill your statutory compliance, but also give you an accurate picture about your business. The more you know about your business, the better informed your decision

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