Free Accounting Software To Replace ATO E-Record?

ATO Discontinue E-RecordThe Australian Taxation Office (ATO) announced that their E-Record system will not be available from July 2010.

Check out this free accounting software system that may suit your needs

So where does that leave small business owners?

Many of our bookkeeping clients around Nerang, Broadbeach, Carrara and Merrimac do not have accounting software, they simply hand us the paperwork and we prepare the bookkeeping on their behalf. Companies like MYOB and Quickbooks offer a basic software packing starting at around $50 and there are other options of free accounting software on the internet.

As we all know, there ain’t such thing as a free lunch, so before you rush into a new accounting software program, have a chat with us and we’ll offer some economic solutions for your business.

Whilst the staff at Hardly Normal and similar electrical stores sell software, they know little about accounting or bookkeeping and will endeavour to sell you the most expensive package they can!

You can browse through the range of Quickbooks and MYOB software HERE or Contact Us HERE and we’ll help you determine which accounting software may be most suitable for you, to replace ATO E-Record.

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