WARNING: Hoax – ATO Email Tax Agent Report – Delayed Tax Returns

WARNING: We’ve been receiving emails with the subject heading
[click image for larger picture]
Tax Agent Report – Delayed Tax Returns
ATO Email Tax Agent Report - Delayed Tax Returns

we believe it to be a hoax – there’s an attached file that they want you to open, which maybe some sort of spyware

………..You’ve been warned !!!

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HOAX: Your Telstra Email Bill – 7534649471003

We don’t even use Telstra, so imagine the suspicion when we receive an email from them.

HOAX: Your Telstra Email Bill - 7534649471003

There’s been an increasing amount of similar emails coming through, all asking us to open an attached file.

We always have a look at the email header to see if it’s authentic.

Hey, what’s the worst that can happen if you delete the file without opening it?

There’s potentially so much more damage that could be caused if you download some malicious software onto your computer

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ITunes Gift Card- Thanks Hilary Shandonay

Christmas gift card, Your receipt #16201711269048
Order Total: $500.00
Billed To: Hilary Shandonay, Credit card

I received an email on 3rd dec 2012, that advised about my Christmas gift of a $500 Itunes voucher, billed to Hilary Shandonay

When I hovered the mouse over the link it was directing me to http://endoparasiticac.ucoz.org/index1.html


Hilary probably doesn’t even know!

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Too many horses in Melbourne Cup …

I was looking through all the horses in the Melbourne Cup

Do you Dare to Dream about becoming a Zabeelionaire hearing a Peel Of Bells, under the Lights of Heaven, on Melbourne Cup Day?”, asked Dame Claire, an Unusual Suspect Back In Black from Winchester dressed by Fiorente

Tac De Boistron set a Precedence with his Red Cadeaux from Mount Athos“ Voila Ici, my Prairie Star , Permit Exceptionally Southern Speed”.

“Tanby Sanagas Kelinni Niwot Moudre,” said Reuben Percival, like some Americain Cavalryman from Ethiopia.”Vatuvei Spechenka Ibicenco Shahwardi Sabrage “

“You don’t need Ironstein to figure out Dunaden Gatewood’s from Brigantin or Mourayan!”

Lost in the Moment, Jakkalberry was thinking about this Fictional Account:”it’s a Green Moon, MaluckyDay! Galileo’s Choice Excluded My Quest For Peace in Glencadam Gold!!

Americain, Dunaden, Mount Athos, Red Cadeaux, Maluckyday, Lights Of Heaven, Galileo’s Choice, Ethiopia, Brigantin, Shahwardi, Green Moon, My Quest For Peace, Mourayan, Winchester, Fiorente, Gatewood, Tac De Boistron, Jakkalberry, Zabeelionaire, Southern Speed, Glencadam Gold, Sanagas, Niwot, Cavalryman, Precedence, Exceptionally, Lost In The Moment, Moudre, Dare To Dream, Prairie Star, Voila Ici, Tanby, Reuben Percival, Excluded, Vatuvei, Fictional Account, Kelinni, Sabrage, Ironstein, Permit, Unusual Suspect,Ibicenco,Dame Claire, Peal Of Bells,Spechenka,Back In Black

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Tom Tate Loves HIMSELF (not GC)

You may have seen Tom Tate’s promotional material around the Gold Coast – how much Tom Loves GC

Yeh, Tom, we believe you! (Well, pay us enough money and we’ll believe you – you hope!!)

He’s a man of integrity – or so he would have us believe – or is it that he’ll do anything for his own ego and personal gains?

Here’s an extract from http://www.davidpower4mayor.com/power-alert/86 Continue reading

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Allconnex Washout

This extract is taken from the Gold Coast Fights Allconnex facebook page

Dr DOUGLAS (Gaven—LNP) (2.45 pm): This legislation that is being debated today is an admission by this Bligh Labor government that it was fundamentally wrong when it imposed water distribution retailers on an unsuspecting public.

The minister, on behalf of this government, is reversing his 19 May 2010 South-East Queensland water legislation because the public has revolted and continues to protest about water charges that do not reflect true cost recovery, are not justified, and, critically, are not affordable. Continue reading

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How To Shave With An IPhone

It seems that you can do anything these days with an IPhone – but I bet you didn’t know that you can shave with an IPhone!

Watch this quick demonstration

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$750 grants to rethink your business waste

$750 grants to rethink your business wasteJust received an email from the Queensland Government about $750 grants to rethink your business waste!

The first thing that the Queensland Government can do to reduce waste is to look in their own back yard

It’s so easy for a bunch of bureaucrats to sit around all day mass-debating about how to spend money – particularly when they think they have a bottomless pit of money to spend

What does $750 buy these days?

The email states: “Business competitiveness increasingly depends on reducing costs”

How true – so why can’t this also apply to PUBIC SERVANTS -We’d like to see the Queensland Government go through all their departments reducing waste – cutting back on spending, and stopping the introduction of new taxes and levies – the creation of “jobs for the boys”, “independant studies” paying extortionate amounts of money for “research studies” etc etc etc

After that we can then take the example of “our wonderful leadership” that’s done nothing but destroy Queensland over the last fifteen years

This is a classic comment – “Business competitiveness increasingly depends on reducing costs”

Does anyone in the Queensland Government actually know what it means and how it applies in the REAL world?

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Which Version of Quickbooks to Buy?

Which Version of Quickbooks to BuyToday Alice asked us which version of Quickbooks to buy. 

She said:” I am looking at purchasing a program and not sure which one would suit me the best.

I have a horse stud business and my husband has a garden maintenance / mowing business which is combined with the same ABN number.

I have been looking at Quickbooks Accounting 2011/12.  It is on special at Joyce Mayne.”

We’ve found that sales people at those electronic retailers have little idea about accounting software.

Before rushing out and buying the software, download a fully-functioning trial version from the quickbooks website, as buying bookkeeping software may not always be the total solution to your bookkeeping problems

From a business perspective we wonder why Alice would have two different businesses on the same ABN when there is no charge for having an ABN for each different business

When the time comes to sell the mowing business wouldn’t it be better to have a set of books solely relating to that business?

Just a thought

If you want further help, call our office on 0415 453 536

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Whirlpool Forum Sending Ripples Into Big Pond

We’ve always been concerned about the amount of information that companies “require” when there’s every likelihood of such incidents as the Whirlpool forum sending ripples into Big Pond on Friday.

A discussion in the the whirlpool forum about Telstra resulted in a major panic at Bigpond:

…… I rang 1800 330 192 and after some humming and hawing the guy there gave me the $13 credit on my bill for this month ($10 plus the discount for the pro-rata initial period), but said that they don’t in fact know anything about the $78 deal, and that I would have to ring the ‘Bundles’ department at 1800 008 851. Incidentally, if you do a Google search for that number, you get a very interesting result. Um, Telstra, that’s customer information just sitting out on the open Web… That page also seems to suggest that he shouldn’t have given me the number, but should have put me through.

Then companies wonder why we are so reluctant to give them any information about ourselves.

In the good old days, you knew who you were giving your personal information too – now it’s open slather

In the new Woolies hardware store we were asked to sign for a credit card purchase on a glass screen, and suddenly the signature shows up on the cashiers display screen

“Oh, it only lasts three seconds …” we are told. Yes, and then what happens to it? So you have an electronic version of our signature together with all that other information that’s encrypted inside the credit card chip

When the ATO called the other day, the caller got upset and quite defensive when we asked her for her full name and date of birth

“Why do you want that?”, she asked. Because you’re going to ask us the same question!

Why would we want to talk to someone with an Indian accent calling from an unlisted number claiming to be from the ATO?

“Oh, I’ll give you a number to call me back”. – Yes? And what does that prove, exactly? That you’re on the other end of the phone and you’re going to tell us that you’re from the ATO?

If large companies focused more on what’s really happening in the community maybe we wouldn’t see a repeat of the Whirlpool forum sending ripples into Big Pond

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