MYOB or Quickbooks – Which is better?

It’s a question that we are often asked. “Should I get MYOB or would I be better to purchase Quickbooks?”

You could be sitting on the mountain at Bathurst listening to a Ford fan and a Holden fan having a debate about which car is better. It seems you either love ‘em or you hate ‘em. The debate will continue forever

There’s advantages to MYOB as an accounting package, and then there’s functions that Quickbooks perform in a simpler matter. Perhaps MYOB have undertaken a more effective marketing campaign in Australia, and are more widely recognised.

Here’s some comments from independant users (taken from – the Australian broadband discussion forums website):
“For people with a bit of a technical / computer background I would suggest QuickBooks because it is more customizable and its reporting functions are much more powerful.

For those with less computer competency I would recommend MYOB Accounting Plus because it is easier to set up and entry of transactions is pretty straight forward. Probably harder to make mistakes than in QuickBooks. Premier is exactly the same except it allows more than one person to be in the data file at once. – I’m a full time accountant so I work with both of these programs daily”

OK, so MYOB is an Australian product and has good local support as well as uptake by accounting firms, etc. I think MYOB would be easier for the IT novice and Quickbooks seems more complex but I think that suits me. Quickbooks is also compatible with the time tracking tool I use on my PocketPC so that’s another tick in it’s favour. My accountant thinks both are fine

People hate doing their own books

“QB just seems to make more sense to me coming from a technical background with some accounting understanding, whereas I run MYOB and fumble around a fair bit.

We started out using MYOB for an IT Shop I used to work at. We quickly moved over to Quickbooks because it was alot easier and there POS system was excellent with the barcode scanner and cash till. After that I still played around with MYOB and always found Quickbooks to be alot simplier to use. Although it looks hard QB is the better option for me.

“I think that accountants, book keepers and admin staff must like it for it’s workflow as a lot of my clients use it and most of the accountants I interviewed recently preferred it.”

Quickbooks is more friendly out of the box, but less logical from an accounting perspective. It has less reports. Its feature set is a little less.

MYOB lacks Quickbookss help as you go feature – but I find that distracting anyway. With MYOB you really have to have an understanding of what you are doing. It is very easy to navigate MYOB. I find it harder with Quickbooks, but it is what you are used to.”

I use MYOB Premier and find it excellent and full featured, if a little clumsy to navigate around sometimes. It gives me the impression that the interface was never designed to have the expansive feature set behind it that it does, it’s a bit like walking down lots of narrow alleyways to get where you are going sometimes but it does work well.

“I’d give MYOB Premier an 8/10. Give me Attache or Syspro anyday though”

MYOB is useless if you want to run it over a network, especially with multiple users. We run a lot of weekly reports. Some of these can take up to 40mins to do.

Realistically, most of the problems with MYOB, Quickbooks – you name it is this: “People hate doing their books”, (So they shoot the messenger – so to speak) Programs like Quickbooks and MYOB are a blank slate that people use to mangle their books. And it is NOT the fault of the software, sometimes its the operator.

(These comments were taken from – the Australian broadband discussion forums website – thanks to all that contributed inclduing BeanerSA, Dabloodymess, Peter Farrar, Dave, EarEyeKnees, LifeLess Ordinary, and Damian Guppy, to mention a few.

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