Terms of Payment

Our normal terms for payment are strictly payment on completion or within 14 days on receipt of invoice where invoice exceeds $500.
If you have difficulty paying your account by the due date please advise us promptly and we will arrange a payment plan with you until our account is settled (subject to our discretion).


We may provide you with a fee range or may feel it is unrealistic to provide an accurate quote for the work in advance. If you provide us with details in similar format, accuracy and complexity as the previous year your fees are likely to be similar to the previous year.
If we are providing you with regular bookkeeping services throughout the year, you may wish to spread your payment of estimated bookkeeping fees over 12 monthly payments. The estimated fees may be reviewed at regular intervals.
For work estimated at over $700 we may require a deposit in advance of up to 50% of the initial estimate.

Progress Bills may be issued when total time charged reaches $1000.

Current Fee Rates

You are charged on a timed basis for work performed.

The rates include all computer costs, electronic lodgment of documents, photocopying, faxes, telephone calls, traveling costs.

There will be no charge for telephone advice provided each call does not exceed 10mins or does not exceed 1 call per month.