Tom Tate Loves HIMSELF (not GC)

You may have seen Tom Tate’s promotional material around the Gold Coast – how much Tom Loves GC

Yeh, Tom, we believe you! (Well, pay us enough money and we’ll believe you – you hope!!)

He’s a man of integrity – or so he would have us believe – or is it that he’ll do anything for his own ego and personal gains?

Here’s an extract from

Tom Tate not fit to be Mayor
Published 06 Oct, 2011

Tom Tate’s accusation that I manipulated the Gold Coast Bulletin’s online forum is just another example of why he is not fit to be Mayor of the Gold Coast.

I had no involvement in the forum and my mobile phone records show I was on the phone from 12.20 to 1 PM to colleagues about work we are doing to help a local charity. Further the Council security cameras in Southport will also show that I was in Scarborough and Nerang Sts Southport walking to my car.

Frankly Tom should apologise to the community for wasting their time and for spreading these lies and false accusations.

Once again we are faced with a candidate that has no credentials, no vision and no right to be Mayor of this City resorting to the sort of gutter politics that have driven this City to despair.

I look forward to the opportunity anytime, anywhere to debate Tom on the real issues that face this city, and on my record and achievement as well as another one of his lies, that I quit half way through my last term. It will be very clear that he is just not up to the job, and not what we need, as the city cannot risk another Mayor on ‘training wheels’.

We all need to work together to get this City back to being one of the world’s great cities and a city of which we can all be proud.

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