Too many horses in Melbourne Cup …

I was looking through all the horses in the Melbourne Cup

Do you Dare to Dream about becoming a Zabeelionaire hearing a Peel Of Bells, under the Lights of Heaven, on Melbourne Cup Day?”, asked Dame Claire, an Unusual Suspect Back In Black from Winchester dressed by Fiorente

Tac De Boistron set a Precedence with his Red Cadeaux from Mount Athos“ Voila Ici, my Prairie Star , Permit Exceptionally Southern Speed”.

“Tanby Sanagas Kelinni Niwot Moudre,” said Reuben Percival, like some Americain Cavalryman from Ethiopia.”Vatuvei Spechenka Ibicenco Shahwardi Sabrage “

“You don’t need Ironstein to figure out Dunaden Gatewood’s from Brigantin or Mourayan!”

Lost in the Moment, Jakkalberry was thinking about this Fictional Account:”it’s a Green Moon, MaluckyDay! Galileo’s Choice Excluded My Quest For Peace in Glencadam Gold!!

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